About Us

We are a camera and video gear seller based in Tullamarine, Melbourne. We cater to professionals and beginners alike, with a range of products including continuous lighting, stands, tripods, grip equipment, lens adapters, filters, camera batteries, bags, and more.

We have recently launched our own branded range lens adapters and sliders, which we have helped to design. We believe that these products offer exceptional value for money and are of higher quality than many other similar products available for sale. 

We have been operating since 2014, and despite a couple of setbacks, we've managed to grow and we hope to keep serving local and intersate film-makers and photographers for years to come! We encourage you to contact us if you have any questions about our items.

Who are we?  We are real people!



 Andrew Robertson

 He has a beard, wears glasses and dresses in a polo shirt. If anyone knows stuff and things about cameras and video equipment is this guy.  Andrew is one of the owners and his job is to grow the company and source us new products to sell while assisting with the day to day operations.









Adrian Larocque

A life long entrepreneur who has a passion for being in business and helping people solve their problems.  With over ten years in e-commerce he has a proven track history of being generally pretty awesome at ensuring the website is up and running while maintainging those ever important market place relationships.  Adrian is part owner of the company and his knowledge of photography is limited to making sure the little toggle thingy on an DSLR camera is set to the green icon thingy when taking pictures.  Fact: His six year old son took this photo and is already a better photographer than him.