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Solid Metal Nano Clamp Mount Studio Grip Equipment Mini Super Clamp Crab Claw

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Solid Metal Nano Clamp Mount Studio Grip Equipment Mini Super Clamp Crab Claw

This mini-clamp allows you to mount smaller equipment such as LED lights and small cameras onto solid objects. Simply place the mouth of the clamp around the object and spin the metal lever to tighten the clamp and create a solid mounting point. The clamp has ¼ inch and 3/8 inch female threads allowing you to connect any object with a ¼ inch or 3/8 inch male thread.

A popular setup using mini-clamps is to attach a magic arm and an LED light to the magic arm. Applications such as this are where the mini-clamp shines: the light weight, small profile and strength of the clamp make it an extremely useful and versatile tool for quickly mounting smaller lights on location to augment or replace practical (existing) light sources. The mini-clamp can also be used to mount small to medium cameras in positions unachievable using a normal tripod, opening up your shooting angles.

- Length: 55mm
- Width: 22mm
- Height: 78mm
- Weight: 130g
- Load Capacity: 5kg*

*Please note that the load capacity of the mini-clamp is not the only consideration when mounting equipment. You need to consider what you are clamping the mini-clamp on and whether this can handle the weight. Also, if you attach a magic arm to the clamp the load capacity becomes the capacity of the magic arm, which is generally in the range of 500grams to 2kg depending on the strength and angle of the arm.


Please refer to product description.

Model # Nano Clamp
Barcode # 9353241001765
Brand Weifeng
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